SmartApp’s NFT marketplace consulting service “nanakusa OEM & NFT Consulting” launched



Sammy Corporation releases original NFT digital content marketplace this Summer with SmartApp

One-stop OEM service of all functions and operational know-how of NFT marketplace “nanakusa” to business owner From Tokyo, 2021 June 8th – SmartApp Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jangdeok Ko, 高長徳, hereinafter referred to as SmartApp), which operates the integrated NFT marketplace “nanakusa” equipped with NFT issuance, sales, and secondary distribution, with Sammy Corporation(Headquarters: Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Haruki Satomi, hereinafter Sammy, https://www.sammy.co.jp/english/) announces that they will release the NFT marketplace that sells original NFTs this summer as a partner of “nanakusa OEM & NFT Consulting” (https://smartapp.co.jp/nftconsulting/) that packages and provides all the functions of “nanakusa” to business operators.   As the first NFT marketplast based on this announcement, Sammy’s original content “Twin Angel Series(ツインエンジェルシリーズ in Japanese)” NFT is scheduled to go on sale near the summer of 2021.   As the first step, we will develop digital assets from the video and audio of the original content “Twin Angel Series” as NFT content (*). In addition, starting with this case, we plan to use it for existing IP and upcoming new IP that we plan to develop, and we will consider initiatives that utilize NFT content owned by users in the future.  

nanakusa OEM & NFT Consulting

■OEM & NFT Consulting official website https://smartapp.co.jp/nftconsulting/ “Nana kusa OEM & NFT Consulting” provides consistent solutions such as business model construction, strategy planning, and operational support that utilize the NFT (non-fungible-token) mechanism. Businesses can quickly build their own NFT marketplace service that makes full use of the abundant functions provided by “nanakusa”. “Nana kusa OEM & NFT Consulting” will support the launch of the NFT Marketplace business by leveraging the following strengths. ・ SmartApp which has the best NFT marketplace business know-how in Japan, will fully backs up for the service. ・ Achieve a marketplace with overwhelming speed and abundant functions compared to players in the industry. ・ By supporting credit card payment, even those who do not have virtual currency can easily use and access. <More functions to be provided> 1. NFT issuance (ERC721 method / ERC1155 method) 2. NFT listing to sell (normal sales method / auction method) 3. NFT purchase (virtual currency payment / credit card payment) 4. Secondary distribution 5. My page function 6. Management screen 7. Dedicated smartphone app package (TBD)

About NFT marketplace “nanakusa”

■official HP of “nanakusa” https://nanakusa.io The NFT marketplace nanakusa is an NFT trading platform service that allows you to sell NFTs produced by companies and crypto artists, authorized content holders, NFT distributors, crypto artists who engage in individual activities (primary distribution), and to buy and sell NFTs held by users (secondary distribution). Currently, about 80 crypto artists are active as certified artists. SmartApp Inc. Location: Hongo Nobutoku Building 7th floor, 3–38–1 Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Jangdeok Ko, 高長徳 Regular member of Japan Blockchain Association Official board member of Blockchain Game Content Association, JBA(日本ブロックチェーン協会) https://www.smartapp.co.jp/ PR Contact info@smartapp.co.jp