採用情報のイメージ画像                   In SBINFT Co., Ltd.,
we are developing various blockchain services
based on the philosophy of "providing innovative experiences with blockchain services to the world."

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a treatise on the Internet, and one year later, in 2009, Bitcoin was born with blockchain.
Twelve years later, blockchain is now being used to create a myriad of innovative and attractive services.
And we are also developing various services as one of the leading blockchain business companies in Japan.
We will continue to develop innovative and attractive services for the world with SBINFT Co., Ltd.

We are now looking for members to challenge together with us.

Recruitment information

Recruiting positions

  • ・Blockchain engineer
  • ・director
  • ・Project manager
  • ・Marketer

Must skills

  • ・JLPT N2

Welcome skills

  • ・ Experience in each recruitment position in the blockchain area

Welcome mind

  • ・ People who want to be the best in the world with blockchain services
  • ・ People who have a strong spirit of taking on new challenges
  • ・ People who can collect information by themselves and actively utilize it in their business

Employment status

Full-time employee / business consignment


Consultation (~ 10 million yen)
* Annual salary system (1/12 of the annual salary is paid monthly)


Due to the recent Covid-19 illness, the business is now fully remote.

Comment from the president

In the blockchain business, the development of technology and services is rapid even from a global perspective, and new services are being created every day.
Meanwhile, there is still a shortage of human resources in this area.
We are seriously challenging to take the hegemony in the world.
We are waiting for applications from those who have a strong feeling that they will not be dented even if they make a mistake and can recover immediately.
I am confident that it will have a great impact on each person's dreams.

Recruitment process

Document screening
Interview (may be conducted multiple times)
Result notification